Such stuff as dreams are made on

The River Mole near Leatherhead

I went to a funeral on Friday. Not the most promising start to a blog perhaps, but bear with me, it was uplifting. Sad, yes. A too early death of a very special person. Steph was talented, engaged, engaging. I could go on. But, and here’s the uplifting bit, it was her positive qualities that shone through in the various tributes and conversations. Here was a life worth celebrating, and one which set an example for others.

Those qualities included her zest for life, her ability to connect and her active involvement with others in the community as well as her talent and her love for her family. I was reminded of another funeral, a little under a year ago, for another friend who had supported, listened, understood so many. The loss of these two women is a blow to many but the impact they had, and continue to have will have lasting effects. All of which made me think about priorities, about friendships, and about joy.

The Shakespeare quote at the top if this blog was a favourite of Steph’s and it seems apposite. In The Tempest, Prospero goes on to say “and our little lives are rounded with a sleep’ but I was struck by the implied challenge to dream, to strive to realise those dreams, to make the most of our ‘little lives’. We were remembering a friend whose zest for life was infectious and inclusive. It was a reminder to me, not just to seize the day, but to take an interest, to be catholic in those interests and to engage with those around me. It felt a little like a belated but more meaningful New Years resolution.

So, on with the motley. More writing, playing, performing. More singing. More encouraging and mentoring. More positivity. There are issues to tackle, people to support, plays, poems and books to write. Let’s do it.

Tony Earnshaw

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