Paths and Digressions

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Paths and Digressions front cover

Poetry specialist publisher Dempsey & Windle opted to publish Tony’s new collection under their Vole imprint. Here’s what initial readers had to say.

“I absolutely loved this collection of poems. Diverse and refreshing, at times sad, often joyful, but always thought-provoking. From the elegant Castlerigg to the hard-hitting Abdullah, the provocative Beyond to the heartbreaking I encountered death early, and the humorous Fox to the shocking Duck Shooting — Paths and Digressions is a remarkable collection of poetry, taking the reader on a journey through life, love, religion, politics, and ultimately humanity. And the clever opening haikus are an added bonus!”

Steven Hayward is the author of the Debt Goes Bad series of thriller novels, of which Mickey Take and Jammed Up are available now, with more in the pipeline. He is also the proprietor of Eden Park Publishing, whose first release was Michael Tappenden’s Pegasus to Paradise: Trauma, survival & the power of love in post-war Britain.

“This is a lovely collection of poetry divided into six sections. Each one asks, “What’s it all about?” Tony Earnshaw paints moving life pictures using simple direct language that examine childhood, faith, war, wealth and all the idiosyncrasies of modern life. These are poems to read again and again, each time digging deeper into how little we actually know about who we are and why we are here.”

Lynn Ruth Miller’s latest book is GETTING THE LAST LAUGH 

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Blessed Assurance

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Blessed Assurance

Four friends. Two marriages. One underlying struggle. The conflict between principles and behaviour.

Tom, Pete, Anne and Liza share their stories and we see the influence of family and place as they move from Yorkshire and Sussex, via the suburbs, to the North Downs.

Tom and Pete share a faith and a calling but have very different takes on what that means, leading to misunderstanding and conflict. And their relationships with Anne and Liza are not always straightforward.

Puzzled by the importance of faith to the men, Anne and Liza find different ways of dealing with it. Tom looks for understanding outside the church, helped by Jonny Nower, former head of Nower Asset Management, now looking for a new role. Is this the answer? A spirituality outside organised religion?

This moving exploration of the lives and loves of four engaging characters wrestles with the important question of whether there is a role for faith in today’s society – and if not, what will replace it?



What’s next for Tony Earnshaw?

Tony Earnshaw is working on another novel, featuring a couple of the characters from Blessed Assurance. Here’s the gist…

The Devil’s Interval

The next book in the series, featuring Jonny Nower and Tom Raistrick from Blessed Assurance.

Redundant, early retired or just burnt out, five old friends seize the opportunity to dig out their instruments, get practising, and form a rehearsal band. A jazz band. Some of them played trad as teenagers but now they’re focussed on swing and bebop. The American songbook.

Backed by the Nower Foundation and encouraged by Tom Raistrick, they book rehearsal space and expand their reach. Suddenly the rehearsal band is a gigging band. They find a name – the Devil’s Interval. As the five gel, we learn about their back stories and the strengths and weaknesses which go to make them what they are. Will they all survive as a group or will there be drop outs? Will the five be diminished?

Tilly the Tadpole

Tilly The Tadpole is a collaboration between Tony as writer and Katie Brent as artist and sprang out of an experiment in writing poems for children. It was quickly apparent that Tilly was a character worthy of a book and would that this would need to have visual as well as verbal appeal. Katie Brent was the obvious choice of illustrator. Tony and Katie have worked together before – on ‘Bull Run’ and ‘From Cradle to Grave’ (see Poetry page).


Tilly the tadpole is a sympathetic character – a youngster frustrated by the restrictions of youth and keen to explore further afield. As Tilly grows into a frog, a wider world becomes accessible, but the pond remains home. Told in rhyming couplets, Katie Brent’s wonderful realisation of Tilly at each stage of development will enable young readers to identify with our hero and understand both the tug of exploration and the security of home.

Tilly is available from Amazon  ISBN 9781780881300

Katie Brent

Talented Artist

Tony was delighted, as always, to have such a talented artist to work with. Katie has brought Tilly to life, in her various stages of growth. Katie’s background provides a good grounding for this project. She has produced many artworks for a London-based art consultancy as well as holding her exhibition in Bridport recently. Katie has also had a number of private commissions working mainly in fast-drying oils. She has taught art at the local secondary school and is currently teaching art full-time at the secondary school in Beaminster.