George and the Dragon

George and The Dragon is a work for choirs and orchestra commissioned by Brockham Choral Society and written in collaboration with Alison Jesson with music by Malcolm Archer.

Conceived as a community project, the piece includes a children’s choir, a semi chorus for girls’ voices, soloists, full choir and a chamber orchestra as well as pageant and drama, lights and movement.

There are many versions of the story of St George and this piece takes the traditional one of a growing boy, son of nobility, tempted by the sorceress Kalyb and refined by the testing. Becoming a pure and peerless knight, he sets off on his travels to come across a bound princess awaiting her fate.

The Princess Sabia is the latest of a line of sacrifices demanded by the dragon and the kingdom is in turmoil. Resistance seems futile and they need a champion – enter George.

George and The Dragon premiered on 7th June 2014 in Dorking Halls as part of a programme which also includes The Armed Man by Karl Jenkins.