Fred and Georgie

The Fred and Georgie Project

A collaborative development with a creative team consisting of:

  • Writer – Tony Earnshaw
  • Music & Lyrics/ Director – Simon Egerton
  • Design/Production – Natasha Stewart

An unusual partnering of styles and genres, currently in the early stages of R&D, and with it’s first outings in October 2016.

The concept:

Fred & Georgie – a theatre piece about artists and love, combining two eras of narrative and two eras of music, played live, in an intimate setting
2 actors
1 chanteuse
1 MD/ pianist

Two contemporary writers, Fred and Georgie, believing themselves to be the significantly less talented descendants of George Sands and Frederick Chopin arrive in Valdemosa to recreate their ancestor’s winter (only they choose the summer) in search of inspiration and a new spark in their relationship.

The same actors can play Chopin and Sands and their descendants, as parallels between them unfold.

A chanteuse sings songs of artists and love in a modern cabaret idiom, but with music created from the 24 Preludes of Chopin.


The collaborators:


Simon Egerton is a composer/ lyricist and director who has worked extensively combining music and theatre, as performer, writer and director, but with collaboration at the heart of all. He worked with Peter Cheeseman, one of the innovaters of documentary and verbatim theatre, with Phelim McDermott (Improbable Theatre), one of the most inventive physical theater directors, and with John Doyle, a pioneer of actor-musician productions. He holds an MMus(Distinction) in Composition and Songwriting from BSU.

Information can also be found on Simon’s website