Networks of writers

As publication date looms I’ve found a whole world of author networks and channels to work through in getting the book noticed. Some of these are very commercial but many are enablers and supporters. I’ve recently joined the Alliance of Independent Authors which means I can tap into the experience and knowledge of many others who have trod the same route. And I’ve just added the Independent Author Network – and already seen much activity on Twitter as a result.

Of course, this only adds to the support I’ve had over the years from other writers I know personally. The scriptwriters and poets in the Mole Valley, my colleagues in Damn Cheek and others. I sought advice from Stephen Hayward, an old city colleague who has needed a forensic mindset to deal with financial crime and turned that to good use in writing crime novels – not least Mickey Take ( see  ) – and Cathy Evans, another old City hand whose first novel, The Wrong ‘Un casts a new light on the idea of a dysfunctional family ( ).

So where have I got to? Cover design done. Launch dates booked, the first ones anyway. Contact lists sorted. Website updated. Editing nearly done. An Author page set up on Amazon – though without the crucial information on the book for now. Next step is to think about publicity, invitations to launches and much more. Time for an Easter break?

Tony Earnshaw

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