Kangos, pipework, and theatre

Leith Hill Place, photo by Claire Malcomson

Wake up call

So here we go, the first performances of a new play and the wake up call is a domestic discussion about how to access bathroom pipework. The background music is hammer and chisel, alternating with a Kango, and I’ve lost the lead for my video camera. Its too early for strong drink so I’ll just have to write instead.


One thing in our favour, it’s a lovely sunny day so the beautiful surroundings of the venue will enhance the experience. And we’re ready to go. The rehearsals are done, costumes sorted, tickets sold (still a few for latecomers). Feedback forms are printed and even the programme has finally been agreed and printed. So we’re good to go.

Old friends

I spent much of yesterday escaping from the preparation and catching up with some old colleagues, prompted by the presence in London of one who is based in Chicago. Appropriately, it was the 4th July, and we didn’t allow the current incumbent of the independent White House to mar the occasion. It’s always good to catch up, see how people are, find out what they’re now up to and hear different perspectives on life. Not much time for that today, although there will be plenty of familiar faces in the audience at both shows.

So a brief blog this week, more time for musings after the show. In the meantime I’m looking forward to enjoying the show – I’ve been at a few rehearsals but the actual performance is a thing on its own. And I’m looking forward to seeing others enjoy it. Then I can stop obsessing about Sex is Another Language for a few days at least.

Tony Earnshaw

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