Getting to grips

Life is full of new experiences. Getting to grips with this is a key element in getting the most out of it – whether it’s actually having to admit defeat and resign if you’re a European Prime Minister (or even a UK Home Secretary, who knows) or just admitting that the age of social media is here to stay. So, in the last few days I’ve taken the plunge, set up a Facebook page, started to tweet, and now to blog. All sparked by the need to tell people about the off Broadway run of my play – ‘The Door’ . Not that I will restrict myself to shameless self promotion. Give a writer a platform and see what emerges – creativity, views, debate and more I hope.

In the short term there will inevitably be a New York focus. We’re just a couple of weeks away from the start of our run at the prestigious 59E59 Theater as part of their annual Brits off Broadway festival and busy with publicity, techy stuff, rehearsing, and related activities. Plans for London performances in the New Year are being made in the background, while we really do need to start thinking more seriously about the productions for the 2012 festivals, not least the Edinburgh Fringe. Heady stuff for a nascent second career.

Tony Earnshaw

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