A day to focus on the positive


Okay, it’s a tricky day. The day the US abandons decency, respectability and leadership, for now at least, by appointing a saloon bar blowhard to the presidency. But let’s not dwell on that. There are positives out there. For instance, the President elect may be a flat earther in the context of climate change, and the UK government may be in thrall to the oil industry but China is stepping up to the plate and in the rest of the world, there is a sense that the non governmental impetus to renewables is becoming unstoppable. The Donald may be trying to recreate boom and bust but that will very likely be his undoing. If we can survive his first term, it could be his last.


My focus this morning has been on three things. First, editing a newsletter for New Ways, a charity which does great work in sub Saharan Africa, including Turkana, Ethiopia, and Malawi. Reading the report of a young supporter who spent a couple of months with the team in Turkana lifted my heart, and reminded me of the amazing grace I experienced when I visited a few years ago. You can find much more about New Ways on www.newways.org.uk and I recommend it.

Secondly, I’ve been in organisational mode on the various writing groups I’m involved in. Lots of positive, creative people with insights, ideas, and passion. Poets, playwrights, actors and directors. And finally, I’ve been looking at the set list for next week’s gig for Greensand. Greensand, this month, is  a trio comprising sax, vocals and keyboards (we’re without a bass player for January but the keyboard player has pedals…). We’re playing Leatherhead theatre next Thursday (26th) at lunchtime and playing the mix of standards we’ve come up with is a joy. So, lots of positives. Time to focus.

Tony Earnshaw

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