Cycling mania

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We had the Prudential 100 through again last week and the local papers have been full of both the enthusiasm of countless fans and the trials and tribulations of those who can’t get out of their street because of road closures. I’m torn. It’s a big event, it brings a buzz to the town, and the cycling bug must be beneficial for general health but the regular road closures are, undeniably, a major pain. Anyway, it brought to mind my commentary on the Olympic visit to Dorking, reproduced below

Olympics in Dorking

When the cyclists come through Dorking

They’ll do so at a speed

that’s probably illegal

At least those in the lead

They’ll shoot round Pump Corner

As a speeding, flashing bunch

While we watch for a moment

And then go back to our lunch

We’ll raise a cheer, they’ll raise some dust

Don’t get some in your eye

No. Watch the wall my darling as the peloton goes by.


It’s not the kind of cycling I’m minded to attempt

They’re fast and slick and furious

I’m slower, more unkempt

I like to struggle up the hill

to Peaslake for some tea

And chat to other bikers who are resting just like me

Can’t stop too long, don’t want a chill

So off again up Holmbury Hill


I might stop in the Hurtwood Arms, for food of course, not beer

Or gently cycle down the road to grab a bite in Shere

And downhill, pedalling furiously, and looking for a thrill

I’ll go as fast as they do when they’re racing up Box Hill


When the cyclists come through Dorking, the whole town will turn out

Because they’re keen or just to ask ‘what’s all the fuss about?’

They’ll see a feast of lycra, not a sight to please the eye

So it’s watch the wall my darling as the peloton goes by

©C A Earnshaw 18.6.12

Tony Earnshaw

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