Colour Beginnings – a moving combination

One of the most moving and original jazz gigs I can recall last night at the Watermill Jazz Club. Tim Whitehead was playing some of the music that came out of his spell as artist in residence at the Tate, music inspired by the work of Turner – landscapes, seascapes, skies. Tim talked us through the process, and some of the background to the paintings and sketches he’d chosen, and played with the paintings on the screen in front of us. It was one of those rare moments when two art forms combine to create something that takes the breath away.

I’ve seen Tim play before and love his approach to the sax, and the quality of the musicians he gathers round him, but this was something else. I often come away from a jazz gig fired up to play more myself and wanting to emulate, however inadequately, but this time I also came away wanting to spend more time with the visual arts as well, not least the works of Turner. And I’m sure my copy of the cd (‘Colour Beginnings’ ) will get well worn.

I’ve just finished my own combination of media in the form of a one woman show destined for Edinburgh this summer which deals with a major film star and uses music and images as well as words, a departure for me. Now waiting for the approval, or otherwise, of the star of the show – hope she’s moved by it!

Tony Earnshaw

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