I’ve visited New York many times and will be pleased to go back but this time there’s an extra buzz about the trip. The play I wrote for a local festival has somehow gone professional and crossed the Atlantic. We just had the final planning meeting and the cast are off at the weekend, one of them as soon as he finishes playing Elyot in ‘Private Lives. I will be following later. Where this adventure will take us next I don’t know but there are a number of productions in the pipeline and no shortage of subjects for issues based drama – and never a shortage of relationships to explore. Topics that are suggesting themselves at the moment include the implications of a completely non elected government in a parliamentary democracy (how does that work?), the collapse of a financial system (or the rescue of one) and the contrast between western concerns with banks, currency and pensions and the famine in the Horn of Africa. A comedy maybe?

Tony Earnshaw

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