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What to write…

Speaking with others who blog it seems our main concern is the fear of running out of material. Not an issue this week, clearly. The post election political situation remains fascinating, the issues with President Trump continue to develop, and we have a real tragedy in the Grenfell fire.

So there are some things I’m not going to write about except to say

  • I struggle to come to terms with what has happened in Kensington. In terms of human loss and suffering, yes, but also with the knowledge that it could have been avoided.
  • The reactions of our political leaders speak volumes about them. Good and bad. Corbyn’s basic humanity. May’s apparent inability to relate to the victims. A hug from one, a soundbite from the other.
  • There is a natural delicacy about making political points when the raw suffering around you is so dominant, but cuts to the state have consequences. A speech from Cameron a couple of years ago surfaced on social media in which he promised to roll back the health and safety culture. That has consequences.
  • The examples of human decency, of support and care, of courage and heroism are shafts of light in a dark place
  • I barely know where to start with the Trump affair. Watch this space,

So, that’s what I’m not writing about. I’m also not writing about

  • The way we are apparently about to have a government at the mercy of a group of MPs who deny climate change, oppose gay rights, and advocate creationism.
  • The threat to the Northern Ireland peace agreement.
  • The potential positives of a voice from other parties on the kind of Brexit we choose and the influence of the Scottish Tories.
  • Who should lead the Lib Dems.
  • The irony that Tim Farron’s failure to be assertive enough on gay rights seems to debar him from leading the third party, but the DUP’s aggressive anti gay stance… but I think I’ve already not written about that.

What not to write…

So, that’s the list. Not a comprehensive one but enough. What I feel embarrassed about tackling, given everything else that’s going on, is smaller scale stuff. The joy of singing and playing jazz and swing at a concert last week, the trials and tribulations of dog training, the celebration of a birthday with beer and curry, the enjoyment of a show about Lester Young and Billie Holliday at Jermyn Street Theatre on Sunday. I’d write about all these things but time and space do not allow. Maybe next week.

Tony Earnshaw

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