Black Friday – no time for the blues

It’s Black Friday in New York, traditionally the day on which the retailers go into the black and the trading year becomes worthwhile. The resulting exuberance means there are bargains to be had, goods at knock down prices and it’s also a day when lots of Americans are off work for the Thanksgiving weekend and thus available for a spot of shopping.

Shopping is the last thing I’d want to do on a holiday weekend but each to his own and it looks like I might be a beneficiary as my acting colleagues are out looking for a cheap airbed for when I join them in their bijou apartment, a far cry from the days of business travel. The glamour of Off Broadway! – my play, ‘The Door’ is on at 59E59 Theater as part of the Brits off Broadway festival and I’m off to see the production and meet all the wonderful staff there just as soon as I’ve fulfilled my commitment to sing Poulenc’s Gloria and Verdi’s ‘Four Sacred Pieces’ this weekend (at St Martins Church in Dorking with Brockham Choral under the masterly baton of Andrew Phillips).

The origins of the name ‘Black Friday’ are in fact a little in doubt as there is a school of thought that holds to the theory that it was originally called Black Friday in Philadelphia because of the log jam of traffic caused by the sales. Either way, shoppers are getting bargains, retailers are getting trade, and our New York production is getting enthusiastic audiences so it’s no time for the blues.

Tony Earnshaw

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